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Use Technology as a Key Point of Differentiation

In today’s competitive market, accounting firms need innovative ways to create a market-dominating position. If successful, they will uniquely position the firm to be the premier provider of accounting services in a certain space. While many firms are promoting the value they can bring to a relationship as a thought leader in an industry or service niche, others are focusing on creating more value for clients.

There is a difference between promoting and creating value. Promoting value through content and social media marketing is showing a contact that you are different because of what you know. Creating value is delivering a service that a client perceives as being valuable because it will solve their problem(s).

High-Growth Firms Use Technology

High-growth firms use technology as a point of differentiation. As reported by Hinge in its “2017 High-Growth Study”, 42.7 percent of high-growth firms claim that technology sets them apart in the marketplace and gives them a competitive edge.

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