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How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

LinkedIn is much more than just a social media platform; it’s a strategic outlet for professional development and growth. One of its most effective uses is as a lead generation tool. This is done first and foremost by building a professional brand establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Mark McIntosh, founder and CEO of RevGrow shares  tips and tricks on using LinkedIn to generate leads in this episode of AAMplify!, the AAM podcast series.

According to McIntosh, many things go into your LinkedIn profile to help you build you brand including your headshot, your headline, and even how you share information about yourself. When completing your profile, be sure to identify the problems you solve and what it’s like to work with your firm in a compelling, customer-centric summary. This will elevate your image to being not only a professional, but possibly even an expert. Another tip McIntosh provided is to regularly share content that is relevant and useful to your target audience.

Once you’ve established your brand, now it’s time to get to work! Utilize the channel to do some research as a way of identifying and connecting to your prospects on a deeper level. When identifying your prospects, McIntosh suggests using key words and search field functions to find your specific audience. Once you have an idea of the specific audience you’d like to reach, do your homework. An individual’s LinkedIn profile is full of professional and personal information that you can use to find commonalties, similar interests, and talking points. From there you can reach out with a personalized email through the platform itself. This will create a framework that you can build on as the relationship progresses, rather than beginning the conversation with a sales pitch. Now, not only are you poised as someone that could offer solutions, but you’re approachable right off the bat.

Reaching out to prospects can be daunting, but LinkedIn can warm up the process and really create a professional networking atmosphere. Give McIntosh’s tips a try and see firsthand how LinkedIn can get your foot in the door

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