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Tag it to Flag it — Using UTM Codes to Capture

Is marketing measurable?”

 “What results do we get from the firm’s marketing initiatives?”

 Thanks to an array of digital tools, marketers can now effectively answer these questions and more. One simple but powerful way to demonstrate results and gain valuable insight to enhance future campaigns is to use UTM tags.

What is UTM Tagging?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Modules) tags are snippets of code that you add to a link to help you track the performance of your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics. For traffic that comes to your website via tagged links in your communications, you can identify important information—where the traffic is coming from, how it is getting to you, why it’s coming to you, and whether it resulted in a lead.

This works by using three to five “UTM Parameters” in the links:

  • Source: Where the traffic originated from, for example LinkedIn or a particular email list from your database
  • Medium: What medium the traffic originated from: social, email, cpc, banner, print

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About Jill Jacobs

Jill Jacobs is the Chief Marketing Officer of Friedman LLP, a top-ranked accounting and advisory firm with locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Beijing. Bringing more than 20 years of experience in professional services marketing, Jill leads the direction of the firm’s marketing and growth strategy. Jill can be reached at [email protected]

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