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What Prospects Really Want from Accounting Firms

By Elieen Monesson | February 16, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rapidly changing regulations, traditional approaches to connecting with prospective clients have become less effective. Fortunately, a recent Hinge Research Institute’s study, Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Accounting and Financial Services Edition, researched what buyers and sellers find important in a client relationship. The findings provide…

The new prospect experience

The New Prospect Experience

By Nikki Burgeson | February 15, 2021

Not long ago, the changes to the workplace brought on by COVID-19 were viewed as a temporary adjustment. Now, as firms settle into the reality of the new normal, they need to shift their sales strategy to embrace technology and an agile approach to prospecting. Here are three keys to…

Strengthen Client Relationships

How to Keep That Personal Touch with Clients During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Jenna Ward | February 15, 2021

First of all, take a breath and realize that we are all in this together! There are many tips and tricks that you can follow to help strengthen your client relationships, and many you may already be doing. It is important to remember that during this pandemic, companies who lead…

Managing Client Expectations

Managing Client Expectations During COVID

By Jean Marie Caragher | February 15, 2021

This past year has certainly been a challenge. While marketers and business developers are always focused on managing client expectations, it is particularly important during the pandemic. Here is how some of your fellow AAM members stepped up to the plate during this incredibly busy time. Building Client Relationships After…

Image of the AAMHigh! Webinar Logo and Best of the Best Accounting Firms logo

What Does it Take to be the “Best of the Best” Accounting Firms?

By Christina Camara | February 11, 2021

Every accounting firm has its own formula for getting ahead but reaching the very pinnacle of this highly competitive profession requires certain key characteristics and attributes. With two decades of naming ‘Best of the Best’ accounting firms, IPA Publisher Mike Platt is armed with data that tells the story of…

Illustration of Colleagues Using Remote Collaboration Tools During COVID-19

Remote Collaboration Tools During COVID-19

By Richard Shippee | February 2, 2021

The COVID-19 work environment has changed the way we collaborate with colleagues, perhaps forever. As firms adapt and make use of new technologies, they also are becoming more adept at using them. Several professionals spoke about remote collaboration tools they have adopted to maintain connections with their teams and clients. The…


Expanding Advisory Relationships: The Bowtie Model

By Scott Moore | January 26, 2021

Accountants and other professional service providers traditionally have built their practices on the merits of individual relationships within their client organizations. However, expanding advisory relationships to include more people, leads to more success long-term. Business owners and top executives place significant trust in their advisors to address critical business needs.…

Making the Most of Your Website in COVID-19

Making the most of your website during COVID-19

By Hannah Kubik | January 21, 2021

What to consider with your website during COVID-19 COVID-19-related quarantines and office closures have resulted in significant increases of daily screen time on computers, tablets and cellphones for most professionals. People are relying on websites more than ever for their first impressions of companies with which they consider doing business…