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Wisdom from Seasoned Marketers

Words of Wisdom from Seasoned Marketers

By Taylor Bartosiewicz | August 15, 2022

As a beginning accounting marketer, it can be daunting walking into work on your first day. There is so much to learn about your firm, its services and its professionals. Where do you start? And how can you set yourself up for a successful career? To help, we met with…

When outsourcing makes sense

6 Times When Outsourcing Makes Sense

By Denise Asker | August 15, 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-time staff of stellar project managers, technical experts, writers, strategists and PR pros? The reality is your marketing budget likely only stretches so far — and you might even be a marketing team of one. So how do you tackle everything on your…

women considering CPA firm marketing strategies

CPA Firm Marketing Strategies to Consider Adding to Your Marketing Plan

By Brooke Sorensen | August 9, 2022

An updated accounting firm marketing plan can help you attract new leads and close deals fast. There are many ways to refresh your approach, including adding personalized content, optimizing your website, understanding your data, and more. But where do you start? Here are five marketing strategies to consider adding to…

When to outsource

Articles of Interest: Using Your Website for Recruiting

By Chris O'Day | July 26, 2022

Five years ago, CPA firms were concerned with bringing in new business. Today, there is enough work to go around, but almost every firm is struggling to recruit and retain talented staff. One of the most powerful tools in recruiting should be your firm’s website. Here are some articles that…

Make Your Recruiting Videos Get Noticed

6 Tips to Make Your Recruiting Videos Get Noticed

By Eric Elmore | July 26, 2022

Recruiting in the accounting profession is more competitive than ever. The market is tough, and we are all looking for a silver bullet to help our efforts. Incorporating video into your recruiting efforts may not be the end-all answer, but it sure can make you stand out from your competitors…

include on your career page

16 Things to Include on your Career Page

By Rachael McGrew | July 25, 2022

Now that you have your candidate personas and know what job seekers are looking for and how to talk to them, let’s talk about your career page on your website. If you’re like me, over the past couple years, your role has shifted from finding clients to finding talent. I’m…

using candidate personas in recruiting

How to Use Candidate Personas in Your Recruiting

By Rachael McGrew | July 25, 2022

One often-overlooked and underutilized idea for a great career page is candidate personas. Just like you create an ideal buyer persona, a candidate persona is a great exercise to understand who your ideal employees are. With an ever-growing remote workforce and an abundance of open jobs, understanding your potential future…

Effective Pipeline Management Increases Growth Rate - an image of three metal pipes with yellow wheels at the center

Effective Pipeline Management Increases Growth Rate

By Katie Tolin | July 21, 2022

Could your growth rate be higher with better pipeline management? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is “yes.” Companies with effective pipeline management saw a 15% increase in revenue growth according to a Harvard Business Review study. Even more staggering, that number increased to 28% when businesses could master…