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leadership buy-in for DEI represented by word bubble over abstract multi-colored faces

Leadership Buy-In for DEI

By Sarah Stage | September 13, 2021

Next up in AAM’s series of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings is a session dedicated to leadership buy-in for DEI. (If you missed our last training, check out our debrief on Defining Diversity, Equity & Inclusion here.) Now that we have some common language and vocabulary to discuss DEI, our…

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Digital Advertising Trends: Top 10 Takeaways from AAM Summit 2021

By Sammi Dittloff | August 26, 2021

Digital Advertising Trends: What We Learned at AAM Summit 2021 Every year, its seems that digital advertising trends change at a faster pace. Luckily, AAM Summit always provides valuable sessions to keep members up to date on the latest digital marketing trends, and what we can do to better connect…

Qualify a Lead

It Takes Money, Access, and Pain to Qualify a Lead

By Gale Crosley | August 18, 2021

Unconscionable sums of money are squandered every year by CPA firms chasing down unqualified leads. Unfocused lead qualification is costly, and it isn’t pretty. Developing and closing an opportunity is difficult, even in the best of times. The added challenge of today’s highly competitive (and slightly skittish) marketplace underscores the…

Ways to Reach Your Prospects

8 Ways to Reach Your Prospects

By Rachael McGrew | August 18, 2021

You’ve built your prospect list. Hooray! Stop and pat yourself on the back—that’s a huge accomplishment, and you now have a solid place to start. Now what? What do you do with that list? There are hundreds of places to reach your prospects and millions of ways to do it.…

Creating a prospect list

Tips for Creating a Solid Prospect List

By Emily Taibl | August 18, 2021

Bringing in new business. It’s a huge, and often mystical, part of an accounting marketer’s job.  When you’ve been tasked with creating (and managing) a good prospect list, it can be challenging to know where to start and who to add. One of the most important things about having a…

What Small Accounting Firms Can Learn from Start-ups

What Small Accounting Firms Can Learn from Start-Ups

By Eric Elmore | August 18, 2021

Over the last 16 months, CPA firms have had a front-row seat as witnesses of the unstable economy. Small businesses took the brunt of the pandemic head on with Yelp reporting that 60% of businesses permanently closed in 2020. So what is it that allowed the other 40% to stay…

Accounting Marketing and Business Development teams working in collaboration to grow their accounting firm.

Accounting Marketing and Business Development, the Case for Collaboration: Key Takeaways from AAM Summit 2021

By Chris Borkes | August 17, 2021

When looking at the key factors of a high-growth accounting firm, marketing and business development play an integral part. At the 2021 AAM Summit Chris Perrino, Principal of Business Development at Barnes Dennig discussed the importance that accounting marketing and business development collaboration provide to accounting firm growth. He provides…

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Accounting Marketers Gain Valuable Lessons From Mitch Reno

By Stephanie Chapa | August 5, 2021

Mitch Reno, Hall of Fame marketer and Principal at Rehmann, is legally blind. He gave an inspirational presentation about his journey at the Accounting Marketing Summit in which he put out a call to action: own the human experience (HX). His diagnosis created many challenges in his life and career…