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Marketers: Be Aware and Unique

According to a survey of 7500 accounting clients conducted by CPA consultants L. Harris Partners, two out of five respondents do NOT find their accounting firm to be unique. After all of the time and effort invested in marketing, most firms are still not clearly presenting their unique selling proposition to the world.

One can go to almost any accounting firm website and read similar positioning statements, such as:

  • We provide excellent service.
  • We will respond when you call.
  • We take the time to explain what the numbers mean.
  • We have been in business since…

None of these positioning statements express the unique value you can bring to a relationship. When you think about it, CPAs should be service-orientated, responsive and informative. That is their job. And, who really cares that you make all of these claims? Inavero, a market leader in client satisfaction surveys, found in one of its research studies that only two percent of clients (300 participated in its survey) trust the marketing messages they received from their accounting firm.


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