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What KPIs Should Business Developers be Measuring

“If you are a 100% dedicated business developer, the most important thing you should be measuring is revenue.” Jason discusses the importance of activity based KPIs, and his top performance indicators for Business Developers in the podcast, but warns to be wary about hanging your hat on those alone. “Once you’ve had some ramp up time as a new business developer, you’re either there or you’re not.”

KPIs vs. Goals

More and more you see firms focus on strategy, and allowing Business Developers to drive or be heavily involved in the pursuit strategy instead of just knocking on doors. Along with that comes the challenge of measuring BDs’ impact on strategy; KPIs need to be tailored to the goals that are being set.

Business Developers and Partners should be on the same page. If your firm hired you to set up leads, that’s what you should be measuring, if it’s proposals, measure the number of proposal generated. Business Developers should take an active role in having a conversation up front on setting goals and identifying KPIs so that both the leadership and BDs’ are measuring the same thing, in the same way.

KPIs and the End Game

Ultimately, performance indicators showing end results, such as revenue growth are the final word, but KPIs tracking the activity of the Business Developer allow firms to see what is working, and measure progress towards longer term goals.


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