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Capitalizing on Uncertainty

Read the news lately? It’s nuts out there.

America’s on a politicized version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – every dip into the media spews enough incendiary craziness to set your hair on fire. But regardless of our personal views, actions inside the Beltway will have a massive, strategic effect on customers and their businesses.

For K·Coe Isom, this uncertainty is an opportunity to apply agile marketing techniques. Our goal is to anticipate guidance that our customers need, use our expertise to lead conversations that can shape policy and support the businesses we serve, and remind customers that they are not alone in facing changes.

Knowledge is Key

Capitalizing on uncertainty requires putting the customer at the center, imagining unasked questions about mere possibilities. Exploring the realm of “This might happen, and if it does, here’s what you should think about,” requires a different mindset than we usually employ. But when our experts use their knowledge to help customers understand the potential impacts of uncertain issues, it’s powerful.

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Debra Helwig is Growth & Communications Manager for Top 100 accounting & consulting firm K · Coe Isom. Previously she was Global Marketing Director for PrimeGlobal, a leading accounting association.

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