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Adventures in Lead Scoring

I was conducting a phone interview with a CPA partner to ghostwrite an article about the oil and gas industry. In the background, the marketing director was multi-tasking while being present to answer any logistical questions. At the end of the interview, she informed me that a very good audit lead had just come through their website.

Marketing professionals have a lot on their plates, so of course this marketing director was multi-tasking. She is always looking for tools to make work easier, to prove the value of marketing investment and to support sales. During a one-hour interview — with a partner in the room, no less — she demonstrated that all of these goals are reachable. She had outsourced quality content development, invested in a marketing automation tool and proven to partners that it works by identifying qualified online leads.

Did I mention that the leads started coming in less than 12 months after starting their content campaign? And that they got some nice industry press out of the same content that also filled their blog posts and social channels?

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Christine Nelson is a lead communications consultant at Ingenuity Marketing Group in St. Paul, MN. She helps professionals develop content that gets noticed, downloaded and shared.

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