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Team reviewing Marketing Tech Stack options for CPA Firms

Marketing Tech Stack for CPA Firms: Go-To Tools for All Budgets

By Brooke Sorensen | September 22, 2022

If you’re a CPA firm looking for marketing technology, it can feel like there are too many options to choose from. You might be overwhelmed by the number of tools available, or maybe you’re not sure which ones are right for your firm. This article will help simplify your decision…

Marketing Strategy Planning

Marketing Strategy Planning — Where to Start?

By Tanya Doescher | September 20, 2022

Does your firm have a marketing strategy in place today, or are you finding yourself starting from ground zero and unsure where to begin? Whether you are new to accounting marketing, or are in a position to create a marketing strategy plan, knowing what information is needed to get started…

Marketing Strategy

Articles of Interest: Marketing Strategy

By Susan Ross Wells | September 20, 2022

It could be your most important project all year: building your marketing plan, a strategic document to guide your marketing priorities, and the initiatives to support your firm’s growth plan. But many of us struggle to get this done for many reasons. Here are four articles to help you dive…

Adapting BD Strategies

Acquire, Retain or Expand? Adapting BD Strategies to Market Trends

By Scott Moore | September 16, 2022

Growth. It’s a common term in conversations about firm strategy, but the context can vary widely. It might refer to the growth of firm revenue, growth of a practice team, or the growth of one’s career. As marketers and business developers in accounting firms, growth is most often associated with…

Your 2023 Marketing Plan

Fresh Approaches for Your 2023 Marketing Plan

By Leah Yoneda | September 16, 2022

If you have a calendar year-end, you’re probably already deep into planning and budgeting for next year. You’ve read multiple “how to adapt to a post-pandemic world” articles. The kids have returned to school, and hopefully, you took an actual vacation this summer. Socio-economic-geo-political news continues to pelt your brain,…

Man brainstorming marketing tasks on his computer

What is CPA Marketing and How Your Accounting Firm Benefits

By Lynn Olanoff | September 13, 2022

Less than 50 years ago, CPA marketing wasn’t even a thing. It’s hard to imagine not being able to promote your CPA firm today. However, advertising wasn’t allowed in the accounting industry until 1977 when a Supreme Court decision about professional service firms made it legal. Now there are so…

A photo of a flower growing through a crack in concrete

Adapting Strategy in the Face of Disruption

By Sunny Ricks | September 8, 2022

Sarah Cirelli, CMO of Grassi Advisors & Accountants, recently presented an AAM! High webinar called, “All Shook Up: Tips for Adapting Strategy in the Face of Disruption.” It was an insightful presentation of marketing strategies for accounting firms with real world examples. If you’re a member, you can access the…

When to outsource

Articles of Interest: Marketing Team of One and When to Outsource

By Tanya Doescher | August 15, 2022

Are you a marketing team of one (or maybe a few) that never seems to have enough time? No matter your superpowers, one person cannot be an expert in every aspect of marketing, and a time will come to call in help. These articles discuss how marketing teams of one…