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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4: What is Crucial to Know Now

By Rachel Pompeani | June 16, 2022

Most marketers are aware of the famous Google Analytics update that was launched in October of 2020, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This will be replacing Universal Analytics in July 2023. But what is this update? And how will it affect you? What is GA4? GA4 is the new rewrite of…

Google Analytics 4 Overview

Google Analytics 4 Overview: New Interface and Features

By Rachael McGrew | June 16, 2022

Google Analytics as we know it is dead. It’s a bold – but true – statement. GA4 is a brand new product with brand new features and interfaces. And plenty of benefits…once you figure out the differences, learn the new terminology, and get used to a new interface. Why the…

Google marketing tools

Google Marketing Tools you Should be Using

By Jenna Ward | June 16, 2022

Google Marketing Tools create awareness and enable brands to continually connect and engage with their customers. By doing this, you can help meet the needs of your customers that will hopefully result in long-term relationships. If utilized correctly, these various Google Tools can help your business thrive by ensuring your…

Google My Business Reviews

Google My Business Reviews are a Missed Business Development Opportunity

By Sammi Dittloff | June 16, 2022

First impressions are everything. As a business developer, you want to leave a strong first impression with prospects, regardless of how they first find you. While you may be able to control some points of entry – paid advertising, networking events, and hosted webinars, for example – prospective clients may…

Google Tools

Articles of Interest: Google Tools

By Denise Asker | June 16, 2022

In this issue, we’re talking all about Google Tools. Here are some articles of interest from the basics to learning Google Analytics 4.  25 Awesome Free Google Tools for Marketers Whether you love Google or love to hate Google, you have to admit one thing: Google offers a lot of free…

Ways Marketing Can Help with Recruiting and Retention

Ways Marketing Can Help with Recruiting and Retention

By Lynn Olanoff | June 7, 2022

Accounting marketers aren’t going to start interviewing tax manager candidates (though that could be fun) but many have taken a larger role recently in some of the HR functions at their firms. So who does what? Certainly most marketers don’t have the skillset to interview, hire or onboard new employees,…

Marketing and Human Resources Collaboration for Successful Recruiting, Retention

Marketing and Human Resources Collaboration for Recruiting, Retention

By Dana Bottorff | June 2, 2022

Competition for talent was fierce among accounting and advisory firms even before the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation, with college accounting school graduates choosing careers in other industries and young accountants leaving public firms in search of better work/life balance. While accounting and advisory firms have accelerated their adoption…

Speakers of Interest

Speakers of Interest

By Rachael McGrew | May 24, 2022

The 2022 AAM Summit was host to a long lineup of fantastic speakers with topics ranging from marketing with purpose to Valuegraphics to having crucial conversations. Here are some of the top speakers worth following for news and insights. Bobby Jones, Author of “Good is the New Cool” Bobby Jones,…